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The Revolutionary 

Multi-Stage Shower Filter

  • Removes chlorine.
  • Vitamin C infused.
  • Purifies hot and cold water.
  • Works with all shower heads.
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Upgrade Your Shower Routine 

with Cleaner, Better Water!

Strong Water Output 

Engineered to maximize water flow from your shower.

Healing Components

Everglows filters infuse essential minerals and vitamin C back into your water to revitalize skin and enhance the natural beauty of hair.

Stacked Filtration Design 

Dramatically reduces contaminates for a cleaner, fresher shower experience. 

Installs Quickly Without Tools

Ideal for Color Treated Hair

Works with All Shower Heads!

The Everglow Advantage

Multistage filtration removes a wide range of contaminants.

With Everglow installed, shower water is cleaner, clearer and refreshes.

The Everglow Secret

The secret is Everglow stacked filter design that reduces chlorine and removes impurities. Then, mineralized beads restore vital oxygen as Vitamin C is infused into the water.